The Trump Awakening (Transcending Trump)

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I know for many this is a touchy subject. It’s one however, that I believe needs to be touched. We have allowed the media: television and social, to infiltrate, navigate, and dictate our emotions regarding the subject. Let’s not forget, just a couple of months before his announcing, the majority of Americans were tuned in and glued every week to the show The Apprentice. The ratings were explosive! A vast number of people were ready to hear the very same man say, “You’re Fired” weekly. On the Celebrity Apprentice segments, tens of MILLIONSof dollars were raised for non-profit organizations weekly just by the use of the same name Donald Trump. The show started in 2004. He ran for President in 2016. That is 12 years on television with CRAZY high ratings and none of the things we have heard in the past two years were EVER mentioned. Was he faking REALLY good then, or were they hiding things? Did THE PEOPLE in high places not care then? Why care now? Or is some of these things not so true? Something happened…

In the larger scheme of things, I am optimistically inclined to believe that we as a human race are better than any of this. Regardless of your ethnicity, race, creed or side of track you grew up on, there is a greater role that we must play in conscious elevation here. If we totally believe Romans 8:28; that all things work together for the good of them who love the Lord and are the called according to His purpose, then what about this time in politics changes that scripture? If we really believe that and stand on that, what about the mention of the name TRUMP eradicates the power of that scripture? I believe there is a larger plan in place and if we believe the scripture Jeremiah 29:11 is true, then we already know that this plan that is being executed is for our betterment, advancement, our good, and not our harm. So why all the turmoil? I mean come on, for the people who say they believe God, why all the chaos? Did God make a mistake this time? Was Trump being placed in office a glitch in the omnipotent plan of the Almighty God?

How did CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, Facebook, Twitter, USA Today, Time Magazine and every other avenue that shares information change your stance on the truth of the internal resonating from your being? Rising above all of that is a choice. Sure, you won’t be liked. I understand, your role in the conversation at the barbershop, beauty salons, and sitting around the dinner table with family won’t be accepted. So what! In consciousness you and I are much larger than this political argument, spewing deceptions, and misunderstood truths from experiences many of us hadn’t had the opportunity to share.

We have to transcend this Trump name and all that it has been made to stand for in this political climate. To transcend Trump means to make a conscious decision to answer the transformative call to perceive clearly those things that are beyond the normal consensus. It is personally answering the call of God to liberate yourself from seeing and perceiving things as the rest of the world does. You must allow yourself to see the bigger cosmic picture. We must consciously see beyond his ego, Maxine Waters’ ego, President Obama’s ego, and yes even our ego into the greater, much higher aspects of our own divine nature.

Is Trump the reason many Caucasians and their hate of other races has risen to the top? No!Did he place that hate in their hearts? No!What about African Americans? No!Did he tell you to hate Caucasians and let that rage rise to the top? No!Come on, lets continue. Did he tell our Latino brothers and sisters to illegally enter this country and use their children as pawns to illegal activity? No!Their actions are the same as committing armed robbery and then using their child as the shield to prevent them from being shot. Did he tell your brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews to cheat on their taxes or lie on their food stamp applications to get more food stamps? No!Notice, I hadn’t mentioned a color and already in your heart you think I’m talking to one group of people. Did I put that there? No! There is an INTERNALbattle that we all must awaken to. There are some things we are refusing to confront, which keeps us from collectively making corrections. We have been unconsciously silently trapped in an endless routine of egotistical disconnection from God and each other because we refuse to make the necessary corrections.

Until we are ready to seek our greater will and capacity to rise to greater levels of awareness through Christ, TRUMP will continue to do what he has been universally put in place to do; to blow the TRUMPet in ZION. He is consciously or could very well be unconsciously, assisting in the global actuation to rouse, reveal, remove and replace the low-level frequency of day-to-day expression of life into a high-power connection to God and all things well.

Prepare for the Trump Awakening! It’s happening whether you like IT or Him or not. (Keep an eye open for part TWO.)

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